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Outdoor Form Floor Tiles 20mm
Outdoor Form Floor Tiles 20mm
Outdoor Form Floor Tiles 20mm

Outdoor Form Floor Tiles 20mm

Available Sizes:

  • 45cm x 90cm (18"x36") 
  • 60cm x 60cm (24"x24") 

The easy, versatile and resistant design for exteriors

The porcelain stoneware doubles in thickness (20 mm) to adapt to any type of outdoor use: gardens, public parks, pool exteriors, patios, terraces and driveways.

The advantages of 20 mm porcelain stoneware

The technical characteristics of the porcelain stoneware double – along with the thickness – to meet the needs of any type of outdoor application.

  • The material – squared and rectified – has extremely high resistance to loads and traffic
  • It does not change colour or size and it does not deteriorate over time
  • It is chemical resistant (including additives for pools and common household detergents)
  • It is weather resistant (rain and wind), salt, corrosion and mildew resistant
  • It is non-slip/non-skid (R11)
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not scratch
  • Frost and fire resistant
  • Does not require specific treatments or seasonal maintenance

Unlike other materials such as wood, natural stone and cement, the 2cm porcelain tile is not porous and therefore it does not absorb liquids. This means that it does not stain or crack and it does not require surface treatments or special maintenance.