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Would You Use Dulux’s Love Palette In Your Kitchen?

Dulux has released its Colour Futures report for 2019, which has set out four different colour palettes that can be used to induce different moods and emotions. 

It ranges from the Dream palette that the company claims is ideal for “spaces for succeeding”, to the Act colour scheme that’s for “spaces for action”. As you might expect this one includes some bold shades as well as more neutral tones. 

But if you’re planning to revamp your kitchen this year, it’s the Love palette that will be most applicable. This has been designed for “spaces for sharing”, with the company explaining that the shades in this group have been selected to help you decorate rooms that “subliminally bring people together”.

“The deep reds are stimulating and lively, and overall the rich hues give a sense of warmth without feeling heavy or overbearing,” the report states. 

The ten shades in the colour palette range from pale greys to terracotta reds and browns, as well as a muted teal.  

If you’re looking for some colour inspiration for your kitchen, you may well find it here. When you’re choosing your kitchen tiles in Kent, consider one of the more neutral shades to allow you to easily change the walls around it as your tastes and trends change.  

Of course, the Dulux report is far from the only one predicting trends for the year ahead. House Beautiful recently highlighted a range of the top kitchen design trends to watch, including the use of materials such as rustic timber and marble.