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Would You Have A Dog Shower Installed At Home?

We’re a nation of animal lovers here in the UK and our pets really are very pampered indeed – and why ever not, we ask? After all, they’re as much a part of the family as anyone else.

But how far would you go to really make your pets feel at home? Apparently, there’s a growing trend for homeowners to install dog showers and bathrooms in their house, giving their pooches somewhere of their very own to get clean after wet and muddy walks.

Speaking to the New York Times earlier this month, Ken Malian of GreenRose Fine Homes and Design in New Jersey is currently building two properties with dog showers – and demand for these has become so intense that all GreenRose home designs will include one in the future.

As well as making your dog feel special, the added benefit of this kind of purpose-built shower stall will – if designed properly – mean you don’t have to bend down to wash your pup and you can waterproof the area appropriately so that when they charge about and shake all those water droplets off it won’t matter and your house will emerge unscathed.

You could turn the little shower room into a dedicated pooch space, with a shelf above the shower for shampoo, conditioner, toenail clippers, their lead, treats and the rest of your dog’s belongings. And it couldn’t be easier to get it styled to suit the rest of your house – give us a call today to discuss bathroom tiles from Essex supplier Total Look Design.