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Use House Plants To Add Life To A New Bathroom Suite

You have just had a new bathroom fitted, the Italian porcelain floor tiles are spotless and the appliances are state of the art. However, you may feel as though something is still missing from your washroom – according to design experts, it could be houseplants.

While these might not be the first thing you consider adding to your bathroom when designing it, these mini trees are becoming all the rage in interior design trends.

Isabelle Palmer, author of House Plants, explains why, telling the Daily Mail that houseplants are “now essential”.

“They improve your mood and offer positive benefits that enhance your quality of life,” Ms Palmer stated.

Indeed, plants emit oxygen and can even get rid of toxins in the air; they also absorb dust and reduce noise in the house, which could mean you begin to feel and look healthier simply by adding these natural features in your home.

The bathroom is an ideal place to start putting houseplants, as the humidity in these rooms helps to keep them alive without having to worry about lots of watering. Therefore, there is minimal effort when it comes to their maintenance.

Ms Palmer told readers that ferns and ivy are “more or less indestructible”, so those who are not green-fingered will still be able to enjoy having hints of nature in their property.

Those who live in flats or in a city with little garden space may see this is a great way to add a bit of greenery to their home.

Of course, houseplants are not the only way to improve the look of your bathroom, and designer Emily Sheehan Hewett told readers of that floor-to-ceiling tiles are a must for those wanting to make a “serious statement”.