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TV Host Favours Simple White Kitchen Tiles

These days, there is a huge range of Italian polished porcelain tiles to choose from, including ones with mosaic designs or geometric patterns.

However, one celebrity has shunned the elaborate designs of some kitchen tiles, in favour of simple, utilitarian white ones instead.

Ted Allen, cookbook author and host of the Food Network show Chopped, spoke to House Beautiful about his own kitchen at home.

He said he has kept his kitchen quite modern in contrast to his 1879 Victorian Brownstone property, which has lots of of period features.

“White with practical tile[s] and stainless-steel countertops. It’s a place we can both cook and entertain, with plenty of space for people to gather,” Mr Allen said, adding: “We wanted it to be aesthetically pleasing, while highly efficient.”

His kitchen is a very functional space, with the TV host saying this, along with efficiency, proper ventilation and open shelving, are essential when designing a new kitchen.

Mr Allen said “everything is visible” in his kitchen, with open shelving becoming an increasingly popular trend over the last few years.

Indeed, another article in House Beautiful revealed some of the best open shelving designs, whether you want a utilitarian feel to your home, like Mr Allen’s, or you favour a contemporary, minimalistic look.

For an industrial design, it said: “Open shelves amp up the cool, industrial feel to [a] kitchen’s exposed pipes. To keep it feeling a bit more polished, go for all white.”

White tiles, particular brick-effect ones, add to this utilitarian feel, enhancing the design theme of a trendy-looking kitchen.