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Top Design Trends For 2019

If you’re planning a home renovation project this year, you might want to check out some of the top design trends for the year ahead, although chances are that you’ll already have stumbled across a couple of them given how popular they are.

Cosmopolitan highlighted some of the top trends to consider if you’re revamping your interiors in the coming months.

At the top of the list is maximalism. As it sounds, this is the opposite of minimalism and invites you to showcase more of your life and possessions, preferably with plenty of colour. Nina Bailey, design manager for Formica Group, told the publication that this trend is a way to “paint a story of a life and spark memories”.

“Ideally these items have been collected over the years and on your travels. This is very joyful and an interior style that many find easy to live with,” she explained.

Nature is also heavily influencing our interiors, as are plants. Both these trends can be incorporated in the form of everything from your kitchen tiles in Kent to the upholstery on your sofa.

It’s not only natural materials that are hot, but also colours and patterns inspired by nature, such as decorative corals and ornate leaves.

Where flooring is concerned, you should look at where you can add rugs to your interior. These textiles are the perfect way to make spaces like a kitchen or home office a bit more homely.

If you’re looking for a way of making your home truly personal to you, one interiors expert recently suggested that getting creative with tiles is the way to go. Owner and designer at Tree Frog Design Kristine Tyler said that tiles offer something that no other material can when it comes to putting your personal stamp on a space.