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Toilet Rugs Named As One Of Biggest Turnoffs For Homebuyers

Anyone who is trying to sell their property will be looking for ways to make it more appealing to viewers – and the answer could be as simple as getting rid of your toilet rug.

According to a survey from Privilege Home Insurance, 12 per cent of homebuyers were deterred by bathroom rugs and covers. So much so that they would avoid purchasing a property if they saw these washroom features.

Sellers might instead be tempted to redo their toilets, investing in London bathroom tiles and an updated suite in a bid to attract a higher offer for their house.

Head of Privilege Home Insurance Christian Mendes noted that people could be put off before setting foot into the home, as they can tell a lot by looking at photos on the internet.

“This research gives us a fascinating insight into the types of features prospective buyers value when it comes to looking at properties online,” he stated, adding: “Our design taste is personal.”

The thing that put most people off when looking at a home to buy was damp, with 67 per cent deterred by this. Damp was followed by structural deficiencies and bad DIY (53 per cent), lack of natural light (47 per cent), and an out-dated kitchen (34 per cent). 

However, North London estate agent Jeremy Leaf told the Daily Mail that an old kitchen might not a huge restraint, as buyers can then justify getting a new one and putting their own mark on the property without feeling guilty.

Indeed, John Lewis Finance recently revealed that out of those who planned to redecorate their home in the near future, 22 per cent wanted a new kitchen, an article in Ideal Home revealed.