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Tiles Growing In Popularity

The huge range of different tiles available is fuelling a resurgence in this floor and wall covering, with a host of designers suggesting that tiles are one of the hottest trends in interior design right now - great news if you’re planning to lay Italian porcelain kitchen tiles in your home.

Amy Sklar, an interior designer in Los Angeles, told the Associated Press that she particularly likes artisanal, hand-painted tiles and more specifically those with an ethnic twist on their patterning.

“A continuation of the lovely hand-crafted trend we’ve been seeing, but realised with brighter colours. We’re also seeing florals but in a more abstract way, again with a stronger palette,” she asserted.

Italian marble tiles are proving another favourite, according to Joan Craig, of Lichten Craig Architects in Manhattan. She told the news provider that these have been a top choice within her firm for a number of the projects they’ve worked on lately.

For something a bit different, it’s also worth considering the texture of the tiles you select, editor in chief of Products magazine Nigel Maynard explained.

He said that tiles can be used to add texture to a surface, which is what makes them so exciting from a design perspective, noting that you can find everything from fabric-inspired ceramics to those with deep-relief patterns.

Last month, the Evening Standard suggested that you can make a real statement in your kitchen or bathroom with new tiles, but noted that you need to ensure any tiles you choose will stand the test of time.

Among the top options highlighted by the news provider were marble tiles, tiles featuring a bold pattern, and mosaic tiles, which are a particularly popular flooring option.