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Should You Hire An Online Interior Designer?

A lot goes into creating a complete interior design scheme – and it's not simply a case of choosing cushions and coffee tables for your UK home. Building a sophisticated scheme from the bottom up is an acquired skill, that some people are better at than others.

If you don't necessarily trust your own style, especially when making important decisions like choosing luxury bathroom tiles or a new sofa, then you may think about consulting an interior designer. For many years, this has seemed like the preserve of the wealthy, but nowadays there are a range of affordable services which can make an interior designer accessible to everyone.

Services such as Homewings here in the UK are relatively new, so you may not know what to expect from them – this writer for The Independent tried out some of the best, so it's a must-read if you're considering it.

So, how can you afford a professional scheme for a price as low as £99? Well, like traditional interior designers, they make their money on commission on products they sell to you. That's fine for you as you'd be buying the furniture anyway, but also means you do get a lot of emails about buying product.

While online designers cannot, of course, be as in-depth and take as much time on your room as a traditional interior designer, and the designs you receive back may be much more simplified, if you're a homeowner who wants a beautiful space but don't know where to start, it could be the right, cost-effective option for you.

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