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Pantone Predictions For 2018 Revealed!

Those of you with big ambitious plans to overhaul your house next year, using only the finest Italian polished porcelain floor tiles and investing in only the best home furnishings, should perhaps take note of the Pantone Color Institute’s latest predictions for what’s going to be big in interiors next year.

According to Sourcing Journal Online, there are eight colour palettes for 2018, from Playful (mustard, yellow and guacamole tones) and Discretion (strong blues and greens) to Far-fetched (rose tones, pinks, browns and greens) and Intricacy (greys, metallics, neutrals and browns).

It’s all going to be about wellness next year, apparently, with vice-president of the Institute Laurie Pressman quoted by the news source as saying: “Mindfulness continues to be the zeitgeist of the moment, as various consumers continue to seek out tranquillity and silence. Lifestyle and interior decoration will answer the call for calm and serenity.”

And another key theme is Maximalism, encouraging the use of different colours in living spaces, layering shades and using them to bring a unifying element to rooms.

Currently, however, the colour of the year is Greenery and it’s likely that this will continue to be popular well into 2018. The shade is revitalising and refreshing, symbolic of new beginnings – so perfect if you’re going to be doing up the entire house. Pantone has helpfully provided a guide of what colours go well with it – and it seems it goes with basically anything!

Have a look on the site and see which colour palettes appeal particularly to you. You could have the house of your dreams in next to no time!