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Make Your Subway Tiles Stand Out

The trend for subway tiles in kitchens and bathrooms isn’t going anywhere - nor should it in our opinion, as they’re a great option in many homes. But with so many people finding them appealing and adding them to their properties, how can you make yours a little bit different?

When you’re shopping for kitchen tiles in Essex, think about how you could use subway tiles differently. This is the advice of HGTV’s Laurie March, who told Good4Utah that mixing things up can be a good idea.

She explained that laying the tiles in unexpected patterns is one option, and given that you can now buy this style of tiles in a range of sizes, there are plenty of ways in which you can be original with your design.

You can install the tiles vertically, instead of sticking with the traditional offset horizontal way of laying them, Ms March said. Alternatively, you can stack the tiles one on top of each other rather than going for an offset pattern, or even try a herringbone design.

There’s no need to always opt for traditional colours either, as there are so many vibrant options on the market nowadays. Using two different hues to bring contrast to the space can also be a good idea, she added.

Even if you’re buying a new kitchen from somewhere like Ikea, there are things you can do to mix it up a bit more and make it look like a much more expensive and bespoke kitchen than it actually is.

Architectural Digest revealed that you don’t have to be constrained by the standard sized kitchen cupboards, as you can always make units slightly shorter to suit your space, or do small things like replace the door handles to make your kitchen a bit more unique.