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Kitchen Most Desired Home Upgrade

Kitchen tiles in Essex will be in high demand we predict, as a kitchen upgrade is now the most desired home upgrade among owner occupiers.

In a recent survey by John Lewis Finance, home owners revealed that one in five of them had plans to carry out upgrades to their home, and of these 22 per cent wanted a kitchen upgrade.

This was closely followed by people who wanted a garden revamp and those who wanted a new bathroom.

These renovations are among the most likely to increase value to your home, alongside extensions and loft conversions. In fact, 28 per cent of people said that they were planning on carrying out the refurbishments in order to increase the value on their home.

Unfortunately, 63 per cent of home owners said they were unable to make the changes due to a lack of funds, though a further 17 per cent said they had a lack of time and six per cent said their partner held them back.

It’s a shame that so many homeowners aren’t getting around to these projects which many have been planning for year and years,’ Mike Jackson, Director, Financial Services, at John Lewis told Ideal Home. ‘Especially as they have said it would mean they would enjoy their homes more, or add value to their property.’

When asked what they would like to do to improve their home if money were no object, home owners were most likely to respond that they would install a swimming pool or even a library.