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How To Make Your Kitchen Backsplash An Artistic Feature

When you’re choosing kitchen tiles in Kent, you may not be thinking of them as an artistic statement, but more as a necessity that needs to look good in the context of the rest of your room.

However, recently revealed that there are some small changes you can make to your decoration plans that can make your kitchen backsplash into something a lot more special.

The news provider noted that homeowners are increasingly making use of the backsplashes that protect walls behind the sink or hob to make a real statement with their kitchen design. With such a wide range of materials and tile finishes available nowadays, there is a host of options for anyone who wants to get creative.

“They can add an art-like quality to kitchens and bathrooms, especially when accentuated by under-cabinet lighting,” the website asserted.

Mitchell Parker, a Houzz editor and writer based in California, explained that advances in printing technology mean that it’s now much easier to print complex patterns onto tiles. He also pointed out that the growth in popularity of plain, white kitchen cabinets means that people are turning to their backsplashes and other tiled areas to add some personality to a space.

Another option, according to the website, is to explore slab backsplashes, which extend the use of the material used in the work surface, such as marble, quartz or stone.

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