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How To Make Your Bathroom Your Favourite Space

Redesigning a bathroom can be tricky. It’s not as simple as picking out a new paint colour or different tiles. There are fixtures and fittings to consider, not to mention lighting.

Country Living recently shared research from B&Q, which found that 32 per cent of people believe refreshing their bathroom would bring them more happiness than updating any other room in their home.

But what should you be looking for in a bathroom refresh to make it one of your favourite spaces? One of the keys is in making the best use of the space you have. This means designing the bathroom to give you as much floor space as possible.

One top tip is to consider using wall niches to hold your sink and toilet cistern, the news provider noted.

Stacey Sibley, creative director at Alexander James Interior Design, recommended using some colour to breathe new life into your bathroom. This can make it appear “less clinical and more homely”. “Just because a bathroom is functional doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be beautiful,” she added.

Another top tip is to introduce some plants to your bathroom. Succulents, orchids, spider plants and Chinese evergreens can all work well in a bathroom, Ms Sibley explained.

When you’re making changes to your decor, consider investing in Italian porcelain tiles to give it a really special finish.

Remember that bathrooms don’t have to be about cool colour palettes and white, clinical finishes. You can introduce warm hues to this part of your home too. If you’d rather stick with a neutral shade of white, Good Housekeeping recently recommended choosing a white with pink or yellow undertones.

To bring those out, accessorise in similar shades and consider adding other pops of your chosen wall colour to your bathroom.