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How To Create A ‘Bathroom Selfie Spot’ For Easy Social Marketing

When you’re looking to buy bathroom tiles for a newly refurbished pub in London, there are a couple of things that will be on your mind - price for one no doubt, but also the durability of the product, after all, you’ll have many patrons using the space, and also the longevity of the look, so that you won’t have to have the space re-done in the near future.

It’s the same old concerns of any commercial interior design, however, the bathroom does give you a unique space to play with and these days that can be all important. Part of your marketing strategy as a venue should be to get yourself onto the Instagram grids of your customers, and part of this is creating a space that is not only functional and aesthetically pleasing but photo-ready. As Fru Jerabek, events and booking manager at the Lost Society bar in Battersea told the Morning Advertiser: “When you see a great photo in a venue, you automatically make a mental note to drop by when you win the area and selfie spots go a long way in helping to promote the venue.”

And while in the pub/bar area you may want to create a certain atmosphere, the bathrooms give you a smaller space in which you can get creative and go the step beyond the main space.

You’ll be surprised at what the Instagram community can do with a simple mirror shot, but giving them a stunning background of beautiful tiles, statement wallpaper and even trendy neon lights. Design the bathroom so that when one person returns to the table, they always say “you have to go and check out the bathrooms” and you’ll know you’re onto a winner, and then let the free Instagram publicity work its magic.