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How To Add Smart Tech To Your Bathroom

Regardless of style and design, especially when it comes to bathroom tiles, we’ve been designing our bathrooms in our London homes in the same way for a few decades now. However, in more recent years, the bathroom has become the place to adopt cutting edge technology to make it a luxurious and functional space. But if you want to tech out your bathroom what should you include? Homes and Property have some ideas for you.

When it comes to baths, everyone wants a flotation tub. It offers jets of water that move around targeting muscles, which has the effect of one part massage, one part floating in the water. Clever and targeted, this is a step on from traditional jet baths.

Another up and coming feature is overflow sensors - meaning you can leave you bath running and never end up with water coming through the ceiling. Systems that detect exactly how much water should be in your bath and have programmes set to run to that exact amount (and temperature) are also becoming more common. 

How about trying a horizontal shower? A mix between a shower and bath, you lie down on the heated surface and then are showered by a number of different shower heads. Everything is easy to control to make it as relaxing and therapeutic as possible.

Toilets are the biggest news in bathroom tech. Programmable to your every whim, you can heat seats, employ a cleaning wand that makes the business of going to the bathroom a lot cleaner, as well as have a toilet that cleans itself. Smart toilets really are the future!