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Hot Interiors Trend: Rope Accents

The nautical look is an interior design concept that will always prove popular, no matter what trends come and go. The bathroom is the obvious place to really let loose with this particular style but you can also introduce it elsewhere in the house without much difficulty and without going too over the top, thanks to an everyday object you’ve probably overlooked for the majority of your design decisions in the past.

We’re talking about rope, thick chunky rope that right now is enjoying something of a boom when it comes to interior design. These days, rope-based designs are being seen here, there and everywhere, from wallpaper and lamps to floor tiles, rope frames for chairs, handles for clocks and mirrors… it’s literally everywhere!

What we love most about using rope as a home décor option is that it’s so incredibly versatile and can be used as part of a variety of different themes, if nautical doesn’t quite float your boat.

No doubt you know that industrial aesthetics have been popular for the last few months and they show no signs of slowing down just yet – and the good news is that rope goes perfectly with this look as well.

Or if you want a really natural feel to your home and have plans to bring in other materials like wool and timber, you could get involved with a DIY project of your own and create a fun hanging bedside table using a beautiful piece of wood suspended from the ceiling using rope. A beautiful statement piece that wouldn’t be hard to create for yourself!

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