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Do You Need A Microbathroom?

Using the best bathroom tiles Hertfordshire has to offer to pep up your bathroom, no matter how small.

If you are planning a new bathroom in your home, or figuring to how best to configure your current tiny bathroom, then you should make yourself aware of the tiny bathroom trend.

Clever bathroom design isn’t just for Tokyo, as our living spaces get ever smaller our designs for them will have to get cleverer.

If you have a tiny bathroom, use these tips to get the most out of it:

Storage: If you can fit a drawer in it, put a drawer in it. And no tiny drawers either. Fit the deepest draw you can beneath your sink so you can actually fit some of your things in. Towels for example, rather than just your toothbrush.

Wall mounted: Wall-mounted towel rails look sleek and take up minimal rooms, so invest in these where you can.

Small suites: You can also create the illusion of space by investing in smaller bathroom suite pieces. A narrower sink or a wall mounted toilet will all save space.

Light and neutral: colour scheme is important in a small space, and we can help you pick up the perfect tiles for your bathroom. Go with light colours to make the space seem as large as possible. However, you can always make a feature of the size and use it to exhibit bold patterns and maybe even more expensive tiles you couldn’t afford to cover larger areas with, or aren’t brave enough to use in a main living space.