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Create A Permanent WFH Set Up

The future of our workplaces is going to be forever changed in the post-COVID world, and working from home is going to be more of a permanent feature for many people. If your WFH set up has been at the kitchen table for the past three or four months, maybe it’s time you created something a little more permanent.

The Metro reports that a home office is now ‘the most valuable feature’ in UK homes, and it can be pretty simple to sort it out, often with the things you have at home already!

To begin with, you need to be close to natural light. Move your workstation as close to a window as you can. Daylight will help keep you awake and alert, and will also help boost your mood.

It’s possible that the view from your window might not be the most appealing, so inject some colour into your workspace. Place a piece of art into your workspace, as it can stimulate your intellect, and give you focus.

Always ensure that you have a clear division between work and home. If you have the room to have your living space and workspace in separate areas of the home, then that’s great. Otherwise, make sure that you have sufficient storage or shelving units from Hertfordshire so you can hide your work away at the end of the day.

Good, fresh and clean air is vital when you’re indoors all day long, so ensure you have ventilation and add some plants around your workspace to provide natural air filtration.

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