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Clever Solutions For Tiny Kitchens

Once you have got the best porcelain tiles London has to offer for your kitchen floor, you can go about planning the best kitchen solutions for you.

While you may dream of giant kitchens and dining rooms, often a galley kitchen is the reality in a lot of urban homes.

These small spaces need to be used effectively in order to provide you with the best kitchen experience possible. Follow these tips so you can get the most out of your small space.

Storage – If you have a small kitchen then you need to be clever about your storage solutions. See if you can find space for saucepan lids on the backs of cupboard doors, or if you can get pull out larder shelves.

Hooks – These aren’t just for big country kitchens. Get hooks and racks installed in your small kitchen to use the space better. Saucepans and low use kitchen implements can be hung-up. This is perfect in small Victorian houses or flats, that despite their size have high ceilings.

Metallic strips – You may have seen them in professional kitchens but this solution is great for small, home kitchens too. You can store your knives on metallic strips to keep them out of the way, but also keep them out of drawers and knife blocks where they may get blunted.

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