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Carpeted Bathrooms ‘Big Turn Off’

Homeowners have shared some of their biggest turn offs when it comes to home decor, as well as the top projects they’d like to carry out in their homes. 

One thing to avoid if you’re looking to revamp your bathroom in the coming months is laying carpet in this room. 

According to 46 per cent of respondents to the Barclays Mortgages Home Improvement Report, this is a big design no-no. The only things that were less appealing were woodchip wallpaper and mirrored ceilings, the research found.

Ugly blinds and fake beams rounded off the top five things that people don’t want to see in interior design.

If you’re replacing a carpet in a bathroom, take some time to source high-quality bathroom tiles in Kent to ensure you get the finished result you’re looking for and one that will stand the test of time.

And if you’re stuck for inspiration, you could find what you’re looking for on social media. This is particularly the case among younger homeowners - 43 per cent of those aged 23 to 34 revealed they’ve been inspired to improve their homes by what they’ve seen on social media.  

In the UK, we’re staying in our homes for an average of 18.7 years, which means it’s well worth spending the time and money to make improvements that suit your tastes and lifestyle.  

One of the most desired home improvements identified by the research is a spa bathroom, with 20 per cent of those surveyed stating that they’d love this in their home.

If you’re planning to sell your property, meanwhile, you might want to steer clear of bathroom rugs and covers after 12 per cent of people said that seeing these in a property would deter them from buying it.