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Bathroom Inspiration From London’s Bars And Restaurants

When we want inspiration for a home decor project, many of us head straight to the likes of Instagram and Pinterest to get us started.

If you’re going to be tackling your bathroom this year then Vogue has already done some of the work for you, picking out a few of the most Instagram-worthy bathrooms to be found in the UK capital’s bars and restaurants.

For a lesson on how to combine clean white with colour, head to Sketch. The egg-shaped toilet cubicles are the first thing you’re likely to notice, but turn your gaze up and you’ll see a rainbow of colour to break up the otherwise white space.

In Le Gavroche, meanwhile, you can see how to combine marble with the opulence of gold-framed mirrors. According to the magazine, the cream walls and herringbone-tiled floor “balance out the drama of the wall hangings to make for an aesthetically pleasing Instagram”.

If you’re looking for bathroom tiles in London it’s worth considering how the floor and wall tiles can offset each other and work together to ensure that you don’t have a space that’s too visually overwhelming.

For inspiration on how to create a vintage-themed bathroom, head to The Ned, which boasts black and white checkered floors, as well as a velvet sofa. If you have space to include a seat in your bathroom it can make the whole room feel that bit more cosy and homey.

Of course, many of us have small bathrooms, in which case doing your best to introduce natural light to the room, as well as opting for things like open consoles to give the illusion of more space, can help your bathroom design go from average to stunning.