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85% Of People Have Done Home Improvements During Lockdown!

When you think about it, it seems inevitable that the more time we spend at home, the more DIY and renovation work we think about doing - and lockdown has certainly meant that we’re now spending our days either in the house or in the garden… so we’re sure to see all the work that needs to be done.

New research from Aviva has just revealed that an impressive 85 per cent of residents in the UK have done some home improvement activities during lockdown, with decluttering proving to be the most popular - carried out by 56 per cent of us.

Gardening has also flourished over the last few months, with the study finding that 52 per cent of people have started to do work outside. And some 26 per cent have spent their quarantine doing a spot of home decorating.

Commenting on the findings, managing director for personal lines Gareth Hemming said: “The impacts of lockdown are far-reaching, both practically and emotionally. Many people have been making great use of their time at home, maintaining and improving their properties and gardens. Others are embracing new technologies, working from home and keeping in touch with loved ones.”

If you’re looking for home improvement projects that will really add value to your house, extending the kitchen is one job that will yield very positive returns indeed. If you live in a terraced or semi-detached house, it may be possible to extend into the side return, giving you lots more space and improving the layout of this part of the house.

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