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5 Ways To Incorporate Tiling Into Your Home

Tiles have long been used beyond their original purpose of simply covering walls and floors. They can be used to add style and colour to dull spaces, making them one of the trendiest design options for the home.

But while the kitchen and bathroom are the usual choices for tiled surfaces, we have a list of alternative ideas here for you, so whether you’re remodelling the lounge, the bedroom, or the exteriors of your home, here’s how to incorporate tiles into your interior design.



Give your patio a Mediterranean and Moroccan vibe by tiling the walls of your patio area with different coloured, maybe mismatched sized, intricately designed and patterned tiles. Pair the look with some wicker outdoor furniture and a few terracotta pots and leafy plants and you could be on holiday.



Backsplashes, once again trending in interior design in recent years, are no longer there simply to protect your walls from water damage, but are now key features in your kitchen and bathroom decor. Look for geometric tiles in vibrant shades, patterned mosaic-style tiles or even simply glossy white ceramic tiles for a more sleek look - anything goes.



Headboards are there to offer support to your bed and protect your wall. Tiles can also serve the same purpose. Try framing your bed with a colour or a pattern to create a fresh new way to style the bedroom.


Tiled furniture

If you have any old furniture that needs a revamp, consider covering it with tiles. Coffee tables, old dining chairs, sideboards, and anything else can be tiled, and hide years of damage, but it can also create a great focal point to a room.



Create interest in the path to your front door by replacing paving stones, cobbles, or brick pathways with outdoor floor tiles. Add a little sophistication to your home to welcome visitors.

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