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3 Ways To Customise Coffee Tables For UK Gamers

When you walk into your lounge to play a video game, you want to be fully immersed in the experience. Your love for the hobby has probably meant that you’ve bought posters and other memorabilia relating to your favourite games. Wherever you live in the UK, coffee tables should be a popular choice for gamers: after all, you can enjoy your hot drink without fear of spilling during a late-night gaming session.

Here are some creative ways to customise your table to show off your passion for gaming.


Collector’s items

There’s no doubt that if you have a history with gaming, then you’ve spent a significant amount of money on collector’s items from your favourite franchises. Rather than leaving one on a shelf to collect dust, why not make it the centrepiece of your table?


Controller stand

Chances are that you’ve come back from work, sat in your chair and forgot where you last placed - or threw out of frustration - your controller. Instead, getting a stand means that you know where you left your controller last. Like the previous point, you could also use a stand to display any rare controllers in your collection.


Gaming-themed coasters   

Coasters are an essential requirement for a new table, as you’re only going to be at fault if you see burn marks appear from your cup. Rather than investing in generic ones, why not buy ones that relate to your interests?

Been a lifelong PlayStation fan? You can have that as a constant reminder when you look at your coasters. If it’s not for that, the coasters feature the controller’s buttons -- triangle, square, circle and ‘x’ -- so at least everyone knows which drink belongs to them.