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How Can I Use Mosaic Tiles?

Mosaic tiles are so versatile, and are a simple way to add a touch of luxury and ‘wow’ factor to any tiled area, no matter whether it’s functional, or a work of art

How To Use Tiles To Create The Illusion Of Space In Small Bathrooms

There are some great tricks you can use with bathroom tiles to create the illusion of space even when you don’t have much room.

Bathroom ‘Most Popular Home Upgrade’

Britain is a nation of DIY fans, with many homeowners regularly updating their properties to keep their houses looking on trend.

Using Sustainable Paints

Once you have got the kitchen tiles sorted for your Kent home you will want to get on with completing the paint work on the rest of the kitchen. Wi...

Best Splashbacks For Kitchens

When you are looking for the best splashbacks for your kitchen in Essex, consider everything from tiles through to glass. Splashbacks are used in k...

Bathroom Design Trends for 2020

If you're looking to spruce up your bathroom in 2020 then take a look at the predicted bathroom trends for the coming year.

Pinterest Trends for 2020

Here are some of the biggest home decoration trends predicted for 2020 based on searches on Pinterest!

Best Colours For 2020

Colour is of course an important design trend to factor in when considering decorating your home, so follow these tips to make sure you chose the most fashionable colours next year.

Quarter Of Homeowners Spend Six Months Redecorating New Home

Recent research has revealed that 29 per cent of homeowners spend more than £5,000 during the first year in their new home renovating the property.

How To Use Cork In Interior Design

Cork is now big news once again but how can you go about introducing this material at home in a stylish and trendy way?

Decorate To Create A Calm Space

If you’re planning to revamp a room in your property, it pays to think about what you can do to make your home a more calm and relaxing place.

How To Make Your Bathroom Your Favourite Space

Research found that 32% of people believe refreshing their bathroom would bring them more happiness than updating any other room in their home.