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How To Choose Tiles For Your Kitchen

There is a huge choice of tiles for kitchen walls and floors, and manmade tiles are the most wallet-friendly option and easy to look after.

Create A Permanent WFH Set Up

A home office is now ‘the most valuable feature’ in UK homes, and it can be pretty simple to sort it out, often with the things you have at home already!

5 Stylish Garden Patio Ideas

If you hadn’t already transformed your outdoor spaces the arrival of the hot, balmy summer months provides the perfect opportunity to do so.

5 Ways To Incorporate Tiling Into Your Home

While the kitchen and bathroom are the usual choices for tiled surfaces, we have a list of alternative ideas here for you.

6 Ways COVID-19 Will Change Kitchen Design

One room that will certainly see more change in the future will be the kitchen. We have a look at the kitchen of the very near future in our ‘new reality’.

Small Bathroom Ideas To Make Space Look Bigger

While we’ve all been spending more time at home, so many of us have been looking at creative ways to make our spaces feel roomier, so here are a few tips to make any bathroom feel bigger.

Gorgeous Pink Bathroom Ideas

While many colours are certainly on-trend, pink is having its moment in the style spotlight.

85% Of People Have Done Home Improvements During Lockdown!

New research revealed that an 85 per cent of residents in the UK have done some home improvement activities during lockdown.

Transform Your Home With These Simple DIY Projects

There are lots of relatively quick and simple home-improvement projects that can instantly breathe new life into a space. Here are six ways to put the creative process into practice…

How To Avoid A Lockdown DIY Disaster

The coronavirus lockdown has meant that many people are taking to tackling DIY tasks around the home, to give the house a new look while quarantined.

Isolation ‘Could Lead To DIY Boom’

During the current climate, many people are looking for things to fill their time – including home renovation projects.

How Can I Use Mosaic Tiles?

Mosaic tiles are so versatile, and are a simple way to add a touch of luxury and ‘wow’ factor to any tiled area, no matter whether it’s functional, or a work of art