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9 Mar 2018

Why Large Tiles Are Growing In Popularity For Bathrooms

Whether you are installing a new bathroom or simply updating your existing washroom, there are lot of things you need to think about before starting work. When it comes to the look of your bathroom, no decision is more important than which tiles you will fit.

While suites, taps and fittings all help shape the design, your tiles will be the most eye-catching feature of the room. Therefore, it is important to get this right.

Over the years, trends for tiles have changed. Metro tiles are hugely popular still, and mosaic effect wall tiles will add an ethnic feel to the room.

However, larger tiles that look more like splash-backs are being installed in houses around the country, with this style growing in popularity every day.

So why are homeowners particularly liking this new style for their bathroom? Well, there are many reasons, but perhaps the biggest one of all is their ease to clean.

As their surface area is large, you can wipe over these easily every day after a bath or shower to help keep up with the maintenance of bathroom cleaning and prevent dirt from accumulating over time.

Their biggest advantage, however, is the fact that mould and mildew is less likely to build up as there are fewer tiles and, subsequently, fewer ridges. This also means you will not need to clean the grout as often and dirt will not get trapped as easily as it would with smaller tiles.

Of course, being a larger size, they could be easier to fit, as they are less fiddly and you do not have to worry about a considerable number of tiles lining up evenly.

And finally, they are popular for the simple reason that they look great. Their clean lines and simple designs add simplicity to the room, which is something lots of homeowners want to achieve in an offered cluttered bathroom.