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29 Nov 2021

Tiles are built to last. Whether marble-effect, stone or mosaic effect tiles, tiles are made from exceptionally strong materials and can last an incredibly long time when taken care of and installed properly.

Whilst some of the oldest tiled surfaces in history such as the Madaba Maps have survived for thousands of years, cracks, water damage, mould or even a simple need for change can highlight that it is time to replace tiles as opposed to repairing them.


They Are Starting To Come Loose

Loose tiles happen for a variety of reasons, from older, looser grout, to structural issues or water damage, to problems caused by faulty installation such as installing tiles on top of other tiles.

In most cases, a loose tile can easily be fixed by re-grouting and reinstalling it, but if tiles are regularly feeling loose or are coming off in multiples, it is worth looking at the reasons why.


They Are Too Difficult To Repair Or Replace

Typically, a cracked tile can be replaced by simply removing it and the leftover grout and inserting a replacement. However, if you do not have any spare tiles and cannot source any replacements, your option is either to find a tile that is close enough to the original or cut your losses.

This is a bigger problem for patterned tiles or ones that are part of a set, as well as for tiles that have been used for a long time.


Is Time For A Change

Tiles lasting a long time is a blessing for many, but a curse for those who want to regularly refresh their style. Some tile fashions, such as the infamous likes of avocado green, can make your bathroom look dated, and refreshing it with a more updated look will give your home a boost.

This is especially the case if you plan on selling your home, where replacing your tiles with a white or off-white style will potentially add value to the sale price.