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26 Feb 2022

We would all love an expansive kitchen with acres of space to cook, eat, and entertain, but if you’re stuck with a small kitchen, then there are lots you can do to maximise the space you have and make use of tiles to make the kitchen appear more spacious.

Whether it’s the kitchen, the pantry orthe utility room, tiling the floors has become a very popular choice. As well as being practical, tiles can help introduce fun and character to the room, and carefully chosen tiles can make the space look bigger, which is just what you want for a small kitchen.

Tiles are also easy to clean and maintain and also work incredibly well with underfloor heating if you’re wondering which flooring will work with a UFH system.

Larger format tiles can offer a more contemporary pared-back look, but they can be a little more difficult to lay, which means that a tiler might need to charge more.

One of the best flooring ideas for small kitchens is a large format grey stone effect porcelain tile. A larger format tile means minimal grouting, providing a sleek modern look and will help the room feel bigger.

If you’re wanting a more traditional style, then go for light-coloured tumbled limestone with a grey undertone. The tumbled edge makes the floor look like it has been there for years, and opting for a lighter base avoids the space becoming dominated by the grey undertones.

What is the most hard-wearing flooring for kitchens?

Porcelain tiles are generally considered the most hard-wearing flooring option to use in a kitchen because of their strength durability and versatility. 

As well as kitchens, porcelain tiles are especially good for wet areas, such as the bathroom or the utility room, while, ceramic tiles are better for walls or areas with less moisture.

Porcelain tiles can be harder to cut and will require an experienced tiler with the correct equipment.

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