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20 May 2020

Transform Your Home With These Simple DIY Projects

Many people are tackling decorative DIY projects during the coronavirus lockdown. The stay at home order has created an army of DIY enthusiasts, ready to transform their homes.

Self-isolating has given a whole new meaning to rolling up our sleeves and exploring our creative sides. There are lots of relatively quick and simple home-improvement projects that can instantly breathe new life into a space.

Here are six ways to put the creative process into practice…


  1. Transform with tiling

Revamping the kitchen with tiling does take a little more skills, but with patience and practice, anyone can achieve the look they desire.

Tiling just the splashback means you don't have to go all the way up the wall and can give the impact you want without breaking the bank.

Try tiling the splashback with subway tiles, using a strong red grout colour and framing them with a thick black outline to add graphic detailing. If you want to go one step further, add shelving above to tie in finishes and display decorative items.


  1. Colour co-ordinate ceilings and corridors

Coordinating a section of your ceiling with a piece of furniture, especially in a long, dark corridor, is a great option to create a boutique hotel-style vibe.

Using a strong colour on the ceiling teamed with cabinetry in the same colour can make a narrow space look utterly revitalised.


  1. Update handles and knobs

Updating the handles and knobs on cupboards, dressers, drawers, and other furniture is a relatively inexpensive way of giving old furniture a fresh look, without having to splash out to replace entire units.


  1. Customise with chalk paint

Chalk based paint offers a flat, matt finish and brilliant coverage with one or two coats. It’s ideal for painting walls, furniture, indoors and outdoors, it's especially suited to vintage pieces or flea market finds that just need a bit of love and attention.

If you need kitchen tiles in London for your DIY project, then get in touch today.