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12 Mar 2019

Top Tips To Make A Small Bathroom A Relaxing Space

We know what it’s like when you only have a small bathroom. It can be hard to keep the clutter from creeping in and turning your space into a bit of a mess. Despite your good intentions, it can be hard to keep the bathroom as a welcoming sanctuary where you can retreat after a long day.

But don’t worry, as an article for iNews recently shared some top tips on how to make sure that your bathroom remains an uncluttered sanctuary, regardless of how small it is.

Emma Joyce, of Victoria+Albert Baths, told the news provider that the bathroom has been left behind as other parts of the home of changed to adapt to modern life, but now it’s catching up.

“As the bathroom starts to be seen as a room to enjoy rather than a purely utilitarian space, there are now more compact products available that look great and also work in small spaces,” she stated.

One top tip is to opt for a freestanding bath. That might seem counterintuitive if you’re short on space, but Ms Joyce explained that it has the effect of opening up wall and floor space, which in turn is great for “giving the illusion of more light and space”.

Another piece of advice worth bearing in mind is that you should make sure you’re using the height of the room to best advantage. Ladder shelves are one suggestion that can look stylish and give you more room to store all your bits and pieces.

Finding ways of freeing up floor space is particularly crucial in smaller bathrooms. Choosing multi-functional solutions, such as a sink and radiator combination, is also an intelligent way to use the space efficiently.

If you’re freeing up more floor and wall space, make sure you do something with it that will make your bathroom look and feel like a relaxing retreat.

Choosing the right bathroom tiles in Essex is essential to get the aesthetic right. Whatever decor theme you’re going to be using, there will be something that works for your space. Try to avoid too many dark tones though, or you could make the whole room feel smaller. Lighter tones tend to be better in smaller spaces.

Popsugar recently shared some beautiful bathrooms to give you some inspiration on how you can use tiles and colour to make your bathroom pop in all the right ways.

Keeping things simple is a good piece of advice, and pairing dark coloured tiles on the floor with white walls and fixtures can create a clean and effective look. If you want to have a space with a more natural feeling, try choosing earthy tones like light greys and browns for your tiles.

And if you do want to introduce patterned tiles, choose one area to feature them, whether that’s the floor or the shower surround, and keep the rest of your design simple and sleek to allow them to really shine.

One final tip to bear in mind is how you could use mirrors to make the space feel lighter and larger. These can be part of your cabinets, so they’re not just there for decor.