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10 Dec 2021

Bathrooms are often designed with function rather than form in mind, which sometimes means that they can be small, or a particularly odd shape as they need to fit around existing water pipes and plumbing.

However, they are also a great opportunity to experiment and express your interior design ideas, as even little design choices such as mosaic effect tiles can make a huge impacton the perception of a space.

With that in mind, here are some top tips for how to enhance a small bathroom using tales and other décor features.


Light Expands, Dark Shrinks

The golden rule of any interior design is to understand a fundamental rule of light. Lighter colour patterns and surfaces reflect like, making them feel bigger than they are, whilst darker colour schemes do the opposite, making them feel cosier or more confined.

This is the reason why most houses for sale will be redecorated in light, neutral colours, to look as big as possible for prospective buyers.

With that said, you can experiment greatly with different shades, coours, textures and patterns to create the effect you want, whether that is a comforting cosiness or a room that looks bigger and busier than it is.


Tile The Bath Panels

If you have a fitted bath as opposed to a freestanding one, you have an entire extra surface that can be used to make some excellent looks.

One particularly great style is to tile the fitted bath panels as opposed to using a fascia, as they integrate more harmoniously with the tiles used in the rest of the bathroom.


Be Bold With Patterns

Bathrooms are often associated with white or off-white tiles, and that is perfectly acceptable, especially if you are flipping the house or are renovating with the housing market in mind.

However, fortune favours the bold, especially when it comes to big, brave looks in a bathroom.

Consider an oversized art piece or a bold patterned accent wall to create a focal point and break up  tiled designs.