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2 Oct 2018

Top Tips For Creating A Harmonious Shared Bathroom

When you’re planning a bathroom makeover, your choices have to work for the whole family, from picking bathroom tiles to a new tub for your Essex home, you need to consider everyone’s needs. Many people say that creating a his and hers bathroom is the key to a harmonious environment and a happy marriage, but not everyone is so lucky to have the space for this. If that’s your problem, Eastern Daily Press Property has come up with some ideas on how to make a shared bathroom work and avoid any fallouts.

One of the most transformative changes you can make to your bathroom is to add in an extra wash basin so you each have your own to use. Doing so will not only save you time when you’re both getting ready in the morning but will also create a more luxury boutique feel in the space that will definitely impress guests too. This can be tricky however, as the average bathroom makes use of all of its space already, and will require some re-thinking on layout.

To keep your bathroom space organised and clutter free, opt for modular wall hung storage solutions to house all of your toiletries. Opting for sinks with underneath storage, such as a deep cupboard or drawer, will add extra, much-needed storage space. If you have the luxury of fitting two sinks in your bathroom then this is great for keeping your toiletries separate and in their own designated space, but if you don’t have the room then allocate separate areas or drawers and use dividers, drawer inserts and baskets to stay organised.

When it comes to deciding on your bathroom, work out exactly what each of you prefers. It could be that one likes a hand held shower while the other would rather have an overhead, waterfall-type fitting, so when picking your fittings find one that has multiple options to keep both of you happy. Perhaps one of you only likes to shower while the other prefers to soak in the bath, again if your bathroom space allows install a separate bath and shower.

The toilet seat being left up is a classic relationship problem, and one that the gents don’t seem to understand the problem with. If this keeps cropping up, then you might consider a self-close seat, which works by having an electric sensor built into the seat. They may not be cheap to buy they are definitely a relationship saver!

If you do have a shared bathroom then colour scheme is an important to get right as it will need to be a shade you both love and can agree on. The best way to go about it is opting for a colour that is fairly neutral. If one prefers brighter tones and the other one not so much then you could meet in the middle by having a neutral colour way on the walls but adding some bolder colours with the accessories in the room such as towels and soap dispensers. Current trends are leaning towards cooler shades of grey against a contrasting tile colour or pattern to add interest to the space, as well as mixing materials for a nice textured finish.