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12 Apr 2021

2021 is proving to be a really exciting year for bathroom tile design, as theHomes and Gardens website explains. The focus is shifting away from the bath and washbasin which have dominated the past few years, and is moving towards the colours, patterns, and textures that can be created with tiles.


After years of clinical white bathrooms,strong colours are back in a big way. Rich emerald green tiles with textural variation are a current trend, and look stunning with brass or gold fixtures and fittings.

Choose a rectangular shape and experiment with brick or herringbone layouts; there is no need to stick to conventional horizontal rows.


Mediterranean influences are also creeping into bathroom interiors.  Italian polished porcelain wall tiles are very popular for classic quality and pattern, with soft hints of colour. They bring an exotic touch to a bathroom while also having that authentic handmade feel.


Beautiful marble-esque tiles with delicate veining add luxury and glamour to any room.


Patterned tiles are very fashionable this year, as people seek a change from the neutral and impersonal look that has become so commonplace in interior design. Black and white geometric patterns, chevrons, hexagons, and scallops are all recent trending patterns. They can be used for a feature wall or splashback if you don’t want to tile the whole room.


Traditional hand-crafted products are also popular, such as zellige tiles from Morocco. These are a unique tile with a retro bohemian vibe. They have a charmingly irregular finish and are available in a range of vibrant colours. Mosaic tiles in bold glazes such as black, gold, and silver add a dramatic twist to bathroom styling.


Finally, large format tiles are in demand for a more modern look. They look great in a wetroom space, and create large seamless surface areas, so there is less grouting to keep clean and free of mould.


All of these designs will create a beautiful place to relax and refresh, and stand the test of time.