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8 Apr 2020

Isolation ‘Could Lead To DIY Boom’

Being forced to stay at home and not go anywhere is a new and unusual concept for everyone at the moment, which is why many people are already looking for things to fill their time – including home renovation projects.

Instead of having to embark on long commutes or rush the kids to and fro, families have been banned from leaving their house unless they are a key worker, other than to buy essential items from the shops, according to the government’s recent lockdown.

While some people are relishing in the opportunity to stay home, work from their bed and take a leisurely approach to getting ready in the morning, many find it difficult to have so much free time in their day.

That is why Anna Roberts, DIY blogger, told the Express this could be the ideal time to start getting handy around the house, with lockdown being a good excuse to give your home a facelift.

“Some people may struggle with being on their own for periods of time, so it’s important to look after yours and other people’s mental health,” she stated, adding: “That’s why I think focussing on DIY projects or simple home improvement is a great way to keep distracted and busy during lockdown, plus it definitely helps keeps boredom at bay.”

While stores other than those selling essential items have been forced to close, many are still offering online services. Even if you can’t grab what you want at the moment, this could be the ideal time to choose what furniture or Italian polished porcelain tiles you would like in your home, so when life does return to normal, you are primed and ready to complete your renovation project.

Indeed, it is a good idea to look online for inspiration, cut out pictures or de-clutter rooms, so you can crack on with your upgrade at the first opportunity.

When it comes to choosing which room to renovate, you might want to start with your bathroom. This is because research from Halifax recently showed it is the most popular renovation project, with 38 per cent of homeowners having had a new bathroom installed within the last three years. This is a greater proportion than those who have fitted a new kitchen, replaced their windows, or repaired their roof during the same period.

Those who want to see a change in their homes sooner rather than later might want to embark on smaller DIY jobs first. Ms Roberts suggested, for example, making a chalkboard wall by simply using chalkboard paint, which is a fun idea for kitchens or playrooms. 

Alternatively, you could add some character to your lounge by fitting a floating bookshelf, which really does look like your favourite tomes are hovering on your wall.

A stylish addition to your living room could be a feather chandelier lampshade, which you could make by using PVA glue, a feather boa, a round paper lampshade and some scissors.