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25 Jun 2018

How To Style Your Swimming Pool

For many people, having a swimming pool in their house is a fantasy. However, there has been a substantial increase in the number of million-pound properties bought in the UK over the last decade, with many of them including their own luxury swimming facilities.

So, if you are lucky enough to have a Jacuzzi, hot tub or pool in your house, don’t forget to decorate the area well. Here are our tips how.


- Get the tiles right

The most important aspect of a pool re-design is making sure you get the right tiles. These are not only essential for the swimming facility, but can help to create the entire design of the room or outdoor space.

For instance, if you choose intricately-designed mosaic effect tiles for the floor of your pool, this will make the area look completely different than if you fitted large white tiles.

The former option would help you add an Eastern vibe to your swimming area, and you could buy marble features and dark wooden furniture to replicate the look of Turkish baths.

Alternatively, with the simple white tiles, you could have a very clean look to your swimming pool, much like infinity pools you would find in luxurious hotels. This would create a brighter space, which you could complement with matching white loungers.


- Choose the right furniture

After you have picked your tiles, make sure your furniture matches. There is a huge range of outdoor suites available these days that you don’t have to stick with plastic or metal loungers anymore.

Rattan furniture is very stylish and durable, and it suits many different designs, while hammocks, swings and day beds are all popular options as well.


- Fit your own swimming pool

If you do not already have a swimming area, why not fit one yourself?

According to Lloyds Bank Private Banking, the number of properties that sold for more than £1 million increased by 73 per cent between 2007 and 2017, revealing more people are able to purchase impressive homes.

One way to make your property even more impressive is by installing a swimming pool in the basement or transforming the garden with your own inbuilt hot-tub.