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2 Aug 2019

How To Introduce Warm Colours To Your Bathroom

If you’re planning to redesign your bathroom, you’re probably going to be including white as one of the colours. You may even be keeping the majority of your space to white and grey tones to keep it neutral and simple, but what about if you want to make your bathroom feel a little warmer?

Good Housekeeping recently offered some advice about how best to introduce warm shades, such as reds, oranges and yellows to your home. What’s interesting is that white can be classed as a warm or cool colour, depending on the undertones in the white.

This might sound odd, but there will be subtle colour differences between different shades of white paint. Any that have yellow or pink undertones will appear warmer than whites with undertones of blue or green, Erika Dale, a designer at Decorist, explained.

You can also draw out those warmer undertones with accessories and other accents of colour around your space.

Warm colours are great for creating a cosy and inviting space, which could be great if you’re looking to create a bathroom that acts as a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But warm colours can also be energising, so they may not suit everyone’s bathroom design.

However, Ms Dale pointed out that cool colours tend to evoke “water and the sky and therefore create a more calming, focused, relaxed, restful, soothing and refreshing feeling”. These are all things you may look for in your bathroom.

But you could have the best of both worlds, as she explained combining cool and warm colours in a single room is a great way to go.

“While the dominant colours in a room can dictate the overall mood, what makes the design feel grounded and cohesive is balancing that out with elements of the opposite colour temperature,” Ms Dale said.

In a bathroom, you may therefore go for a dominant palette of cool colours, with some warm tones to help create that cosy feeling, especially in the winter.

Top tips include using brass accents, such as taps, as well as soft furnishings like rugs in orange or red shades. If you’re looking for porcelain tiles in Hertfordshire, you could see if there are any options in a warm tone that could offset the white of your suite, for instance.

If you’re planning a bathroom redesign, a number of experts recently had some advice to make sure that you end up with your dream bathroom at the end of the process.

Speaking to Real Homes, Michael Seum, vice president of design at Grohe, said that you should start your design by imagining yourself in the room and asking: “What appeals to me emotionally?”

This should be your starting point for your whole design, he explained, adding that there’s “no right nor wrong choice of colour - the only thing that matters is that the result should be harmonious”.

He went on to state that the starting point for your design can be just one element of a room, whether that’s a lighting idea, a specific colour or a particular fixture or fitting.