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26 Sep 2018

How To Futureproof Your Bathroom At Home

If you have no plans to downsize at any point in the future and want to stay in your family home for as long as you possibly can, then you’ve got to think about futureproofing parts of the home that will pose risks to you as you get older… and the first room you might want to focus on is the bathroom.

Be honest with yourself about how your needs may change the older you get. Bathrooms are already inherently risky places because the floor is often wet, so slips, trips and falls are more likely there than elsewhere. And while this won’t pose as much of a threat to you now, perhaps, the older you get the more likely serious damage will be done if you do fall over and hurt yourself.

Thinking about your choice of Italian polished porcelain tiles is wise in this regard, so that you can help protect yourself from slipping and falling. Putting down anti-slip mats might a good idea before you get in the shower or bath just in case – and it couldn’t hurt having them inside the shower and on the floor of the tub as well.

Sealing the grout in between your tiles is also a good idea as this will make it all easier to keep clean, meaning you don’t have to bend down to scrub which might be hard to do later on in life.

Take a look at the taps you have on the bath and in the sink. Do you need to twist them or do you have a lever tap? If you have twisty taps, you might want to switch these out for something easier to use just in case the day comes when your hands no longer work as well as they used to.

Installing underfloor heating could prove to be a particularly good move as well, since any water spilled in the bathroom will dry out a lot quicker thereby reducing chances of slipping and hurting yourself.

If you’d rather rip out your current bathroom and start again from scratch, make sure that you design the layout with everyone in mind. This means that your bathroom will really stand the test of time, saving you and your family money updates later down the line because all you’ll have to do is make a few little tweaks here and there when you do need to introduce a few changes.

Luckily, there are so many amazing designs and products out there that you can have a futureproofed bathroom that doesn’t compromise on style. For example, grab rails can double as somewhere to hang your tiles, while you can match the brassware in your bathroom with necessary stools and chairs so everything blends in really well together.

With a little bit of imagination you can have a bathroom that will reflect your changing needs but which also ticks all the boxes in terms of style and design as well.