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27 Jan 2021

How To Create A Spa-Inspired Bathroom

After the last year we’ve all had, one thing we can all benefit from is a little more self-care and relaxation in our lives, and there’s no better room for that than the bathroom.

However, no one can truly relax in a shabby and out-of-date bathroom, so why not use it as the perfect excuse to renovate it and include some spa-like features to help introduce a sense of calm and serenity. We wanted to look at a few of the features, from fittings toflooring, to help create a spa-like bathroom experience.


Go for a neutral, soothing colour scheme

Keeping the colour palette simple with pale and white tones, or earthy hues with shades of grey or taupe will help create a monochromatic theme that will help promote calm. When choosing your colour palette, make use of tester pots to ensure you’re getting the colour your want.


Add texture 

The neutral colour palette backdrop will need textures to add interest. Soft, natural hues with a gorgeous texture look great and will feel great too.Italian polished porcelain tiles can offer a beautiful, and stone countertops will bring a softness to the space.


Spa products

If you want the spa feel, then you will definitely need associated luxury spa products, such as soothing bath products, calming bath salts, to moisturising lotion and invigorating body washes. Make sure you have storage solutions in your plans to help avoid the clutter of bottles and lotions.


Get cosy

No spa would be complete without a set of fluffy white towels. Consider plush, thick towels to wrap around yourself in winter, some lighter-weight Hammam towels for the summer months, and look at waffle towels to bring another level of texture into your spa.


Updated fittings

Try using matte black, hand-forged iron or classic nickel for pulls, handles and faucets. Hardware is an opportunity to add some incredible contrast or bring in pieces with a rich history that will bring character to your space.

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