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7 May 2020

How To Avoid A Lockdown DIY Disaster

The coronavirus lockdown has meant that many people are taking to tackling DIY tasks around the home, maybe for essential jobs, or maybe just to give the house a new look while quarantined.

However, with the NHS currently overwhelmed due to the pandemic, and DIY being an activity fraught with risks, use some common sense and take a few basic precautions, and you should be able to happily complete whatever DIY jobs you’ve set yourself.


Assemble a safety kit

Get hold of suitable footwear, goggles, dust mask (although possibly difficult to get hold of at the moment), ear-defenders and a good first-aid kit that also has eyewash.


Use an electric cable detector

Electric shocks are one of the most common causes of DIY-related injury, often due to hammering or drilling accidentally into a live wire. Invest in a wire and electrical detector; it could save your life.


Always turn the power off

If you’re working with electrics, don’t risk it, always turn the power off.


Beware ladders!

The most dangerous of DIY tools is the ladder. The majority of deaths occurring during DIY tasks involve a ladder.

  • Inspect the ladder. Check a ladder over thoroughly before using it. Make sure catches are secure and working. Be especially careful using old wooden ladders.
  • Lean the ladder correctly. Never lean a ladder against a wall at more than a 70-degree angle. Ideally, have someone at the foot of the ladder to help hold it steady.
  • Ladder overreach. It’s easy to stretch out that little bit too far and lose your balance while up a ladder. Think twice and don’t do it.


Don’t be over-ambitious

If you’re not sure about how to complete a task, it’s probably not a good idea to start it, so get a professional in.

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