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12 Dec 2018

Half Of Brits Undergoing Home Improvement Projects Before Christmas Day

Christmas is not just about getting presents from loved ones, eating as much chocolate as you want, and visiting lots of friends and family, it also marks the end of the year and a deadline for which to have achieved all your great plans for 2018.

And according to the latest survey by AA Financial Services, one of the most popular things for people to have finished before 2019 arrives is a home renovation project. This could be the reason why nearly half (49 per cent) of Brits are currently undergoing a DIY job, so they can tick it off their to-do list and get their house looking its best before Christmas Day.

The findings, published in Property Wire, revealed as much as £29.6 billion is being spent by homeowners before December 25th, which is a significant amount more than the £4.5 billion that went on Christmas shopping by the first Saturday in December.

Indeed, it is expected that homeowners will even take an average of £2,339.46 out of their savings to get the work done before the festive season gets underway.

The most popular DIY task Brits are embarking on is painting and decorating, with 41 per cent trying to get this completed before they have to set up their Christmas decorations and lights.

Despite the cold weather, 18 per cent want to improve their gardens at this time of the year, and have commissioned landscaping projects so their outdoor areas are ready for the spring when it arrives.

Quite a few Brits are even attempting larger renovation projects, with 12 per cent getting their kitchen upgraded before they have to cook the turkey on Christmas Day.

There will certainly be an urgency to get kitchen renovations completed as soon as possible, especially if you are planning to host Christmas dinner yourself and want to show off your cooking space to guests over the festive period.

As well as getting your new cupboards and floors fitted, don’t forget to think carefully about your kitchen tiles from Middlesex, as these will definitely help to give your new room its character and liven it up.

There are plenty to choose from, including mosaic style, wood effect, and brick-looking tiles, so make sure you pick a design that complements your new kitchen well.

With less than three weeks to go before loved ones – and Santa – arrive for the festive season, the pressure is on for homeowners to finish their renovations before Christmas.

Of course, even when your DIY project has finished, many people will be concerned about cleaning up after having the work done. 

According to a survey by kitchen roll brand Regina, revealed in Ideal Home magazine, 37 per cent of Brits spend between ten and 18 days cleaning their house to get it as spotless as possible before their friends and family arrive for the holidays.

More than two-thirds (69 per cent) even admitted they clean twice as hard in the lead-up to Christmas than they normally do, so they can show off their sparkling home to their guests.