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14 Jun 2021

More and more bathroom designs are eschewing the unfussy plain tiles look and embracing striking patterned tiling instead. Tiling can be as attractive as it is functional, as much as decorative wallpaper can be, with designers selecting patterned tiles for floors, showers, backsplashes to add panache to the bathroom.


If you’re looking at tiling ideas for your bathroom, then there are many types of patterned tile available, from ceramic and stone mosaics to porcelain and Moroccan clay tiles that will make your bathroom unique and full of character.


However, designing with pattern is not so straightforward, so we have some design tips for you here.


Decide Between Traditional and Contemporary

Patterned tiles work in every style. The difference lies in the type of pattern and the colours used. Whether you go for a traditional pattern or a chic and uber-modern design, you should be sure you love it before you install it.


To make sure, order four samples of each deco tile so you can see how the patterns match together. There may be different configurations of how the patterns tesselate, so you may want to experiment with layouts.


Let Colour Lead

Stay within the chosen colour scheme for your bathroom, and choose tiles in the same colour palette to avoid clashing patterns. If your flooring is bold and the focal point of the bathroom, then try selecting neutral coloured tiles for the walls in a straight, simple or subway pattern to help provide balance.


Express Your Personal Style

Patterned tiles immediately add a ‘wow’ factor, and the bathroom is a fantastic place to make a striking design statement. You can take more risks with patterned tiles to create a large design impact.


Bathrooms are no longer strictly functional, and homeowners want them to be a beautiful room that expresses their individuality and personal style.


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