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29 May 2018

Don't Forget The Details When Designing Your Home

When figuring out new design ideas for your home, it’s important to remember to make the most of the details in your scheme – whether that's shopping for interesting coffee tables in the UK to add a focal point to your living area or search for the perfect tiles to finish a fireplace. If you're not usually detail orientated, take a look at these tips from the Herald Courier on what to look out for.


Cut some rug

First up, think about finding the perfect rug for your space. A rug is the perfect excuse to push yourself out of your comfort zone, choosing a louder print and colour that you usually go for can create a great statement in a room. Remember that a rug you see in store hung up that may seem bright and loud, but it won’t have as much impact in your home once it’s laid on the floor and pattern will likely be broken up by placing furniture on top, whether that's coffee table or a dining table and chairs. Make sure you get a rug that fills the space and isn’t too small for a room. Think of a rug as a great way to introduce either pattern or texture – so avoid a plain flat weave rug. If you prefer a plain rug over pattern, choose one that contributes texture to the room. When choosing a material, wool is the luxury choice, but choosing a poly blend is easier to clean, so perfect if you have kids and pets.


Think calm thoughts

Most people want rooms that are a haven from the outside world, so choosing paint colours that are calming is the safest bet. Going for colours that are neutral in tone will age better and allows you to add thoughtful and interesting accessories to build upon your neutral wall canvas. The great thing with accessories is that these can easily be changed without the hard work of repainting a whole room once you’ve had enough of a bold wall colour choice. In a complete room scheme, you want to use a variety of textures so mixing materials such as glass, metal and wood all work well together.


Upholstered details

A sofa is one of the most expensive investments in your living space, so you want to find something you really love. Picking something with interesting details is sure to prolong your love affair with your choice. Whatever the colours of your sofa, go for piping around the sofa in a shade that’s a few tones up from the main covering fabric this will add great decorative detail.


Add art

An even better way to express your personality than a bold colour is relying on your choice of art and you don’t have to spend a fortune to create your own personal gallery. You can pick up some great budget friendly pieces from arts and craft shows, galleries and local independent stores, as well as posters and prints which look great framed.