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20 Jul 2017

Bookshelves Are Back En Vogue!

Technology can permeate its way into every single part of our lives if we let it… just take a look at books as an example! Back in the day, we all used to curl up on the sofa with our latest favourite hardback but now, it’s more common to see us all clutching our Kindles instead of a dog-eared novel.

But it now appears to be going the other way, with Mintel research – reported on by the Daily Telegraph – revealing that sales of physical books are expected to climb by six per cent this year, while ebook sales are expected to drop by one per cent.

Apparently, this is being driven by the desire for people to really show off their literary interests on beautiful bookshelves at home. Experts believe that this resurgent interest in actual books is down in part to the trend for shelves, which help to make people look more interesting when guests come over, as well as on social media sites.

Speaking to the news source, interior designer Russell Whitehead said: “Bookmakers are cottoning onto this trend and these days they are putting more effort into making books look beautiful. We are also seeing the rise of the social media 'shelfie' as proud collectors are posting pictures of their book collections on Instagram. With the rise in private renters bookshelves are also an increasingly popular and simple way for tenants to make a place feel like home – without getting out the paints or nailing things to walls.”

It’s true – bookshelves are a brilliant way of making your home come alive and you can use them in very imaginative ways. You could, for example, have floor-to-ceiling shelves built into your living room so that the walls are completely covered in books, leaving you with a stunning library all to yourself.

Or you could do a spot of beachcombing and find a nice big piece of driftwood to install at home and build shelving around. Book nooks are becoming increasingly popular, so if you’ve got a big sash window at home why not see if you could create a little hideaway in your living room or reception room, complete with comfy cushions, candles, beautiful ornaments and – of course – your favourite reads.

Those of you who prefer a spot of DIY could devise your own shelving out of old fruit or wine crates, sticking them together in a haphazard manner to create a point of interest in the house, as well as a practical space for your belongings.

The space beneath your stairs is also a brilliant place to turn into a bookshelf as it’s often an area of the house that goes unused, or which gets filled up with all sorts of miscellaneous items. Keep your home junk-free by transforming it into a stunning bookshelf and you’ll really thank yourself in the end!

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