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11 Jan 2019

Bathroom Trends To Adopt In 2019

The start of a new year is an opportunity to think about changes you would like to make to your house – and many people feel more inspired and creative in January than any other time of the year.

That is why 2019 could be when you renovate your bathroom, bringing it into the 21st Century with the latest Italian polished porcelain tiles and high-tech appliances.

Here are just a few of the top bathroom trends that you might want to adopt this year.


When you think of bathrooms, most of us typically think of glass shower screens, tiled walls and floors, and ceramic sinks. However, it is time to open your mind, as woodwork is becoming increasingly popular in washrooms, as well as the entire house.

This Japanese style of interior design creates the feeling of warmth, nature and minimalism, revealed. It is also similar to Scandinavian hot tubs and saunas, making homeowners feel as though they are embarking on a spa experience every time they step into a steaming hot shower.

Patterned tiles

While minimalism remains popular, this year could see maximalism take centre stage for once. Bright colours, bold patterns, geometric designs and elaborate fixtures and fittings will become popular, so use this as an opportunity to express your creative self in the bathroom.

Team patterned tiles with candy pop colours, such as pink, green or blue, or if you want to let your walls or floors do all the talking, stick to neutral colours elsewhere.

There is a huge variety when it comes to patterned tiles this year – whether you want a Moroccan vibe in your house with mosaic patterns, or a modern feel with hexagonal tiles. The former will look great on floors or as a splashback behind the sink, while geometric patterns can be used on an accent wall, or even across all walls and floors if you’re feeling bold.

Vintage bathrooms

Victorian-style bathrooms will probably always remain popular, with roll-top freestanding baths and elaborate taps the key to this look. However, all types of vintage washrooms are going to be big this year.

One trend Living Etc. has told readers to watch out for is the ‘Gentleman’s Club’ look, which incorporates dark, moody colours, mahogany wood and brass mirrors. Complete the style with old-fashioned shaving brushes, and keep other features to a minimum.

Coloured basins

After the avocado suites of the 1980s, most people have played it safe and adopted white baths, toilets and sinks. However, coloured appliances are making a comeback this year, with basins in a variety of shades set to hit the shelves of bathroom stores.

You don’t have to opt for the murky tones of the ‘80s though, as this trend is all about pastel and neutral colours that simply help to liven up an otherwise plain suite.

Team these with simple walls, such as greys or whites, and go bold with your floor tiling instead.

For more inspiration when it comes to choosing tiles for your bathroom renovation in 2019, take a look here.