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9 Mar 2020

Bathroom ‘Most Popular Home Upgrade’

Britain is a nation of DIY fans, with many homeowners regularly updating their properties to keep their houses looking on trend.

This could include fitting new fireplaces, landscaping the garden, or even something as simple as changing the light fixtures.

However, the most popular renovation project Brits undertake is installing a new bathroom.

According to recent research from Halifax, 38 per cent of homeowners have had a new bathroom fitted within the last three years, making this more common than new kitchens, boilers or windows.

One of the main reasons why getting an updated suite and choosing new bathroom tiles in Hertfordshire remains so popular is because it provides a good return on investment for those wanting to increase the value of their property when they come to sell it.

Managing director at Halifax Russell Galley said: “While upgrading our homes is simply a labour of love for many of us, others invest in renovation to increase value and maximise selling potential.”

When it comes to finding inspiration behind bathroom designs, it is worth looking for ideas on social media, particularly if you are trying to make your residence more appealing to the younger homebuying market.

This is because 38 per cent of those aged 18 to 34 have admitted to being influenced by social media with regards to interior design and DIY jobs. More than a fifth of 35 to 44 year olds are also inspired by networking sites for their home decorating plans, while this figure falls to just seven per cent of those between 55 and 64 years old.

Homeowners who are keen on updating their bathroom might want to consider fitting shaped tiles.

According to Elle Décor, shapes such as hexagons and scallops are becoming more widely seen in recently renovated washrooms, adding a bit of character to the design.

It could also be a good idea to partially tile a wall, instead of fitting tiles throughout the entire room.

You could bring the tiles up to a picture rail or halfway up the wall and paint the remainder section. This creates an interesting element to the room, and could also provide a natural place to fit a shelf for bathroom toiletries.

With regards to the suite itself, consider a freestanding bath. These tubs have always added a rather luxurious finish to a room, making the design appear much more expensive and decadent than a standard fitted bath.

Black baths are another attractive feature, and makes a change from the usual white tubs.

Courtney Hill Interiors’ Courtney Hill Fertitta told the magazine: “Including a black freestanding tub into a bathroom design will add a bit of opulence to the space. When combined with exceptional plumbing fixtures, this makes for a striking focal point in an otherwise serene space.”

Deep-soaking baths could be another option, as more and more homebuyers will be attracted by the spa-like feature. The thought of being able to soak in a really deep tub after a busy, hectic day at work might even make the difference between putting an offer in on the house or not.