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14 Mar 2018

Are Double-Sink Bathrooms Ideal For You?

Traditional bathrooms just have one sinks, but if you are lucky enough to have a large washroom and space for another, this may be ideal for you.

Double sinks are all the rage in the USA, due to their palatial houses and their large family-sized bathrooms, so is it time us Brits took a leaf out of their book and added another bowl into our washroom design?

Here are look at the practical reasons why you should.


- Bathtime battles

If you have children, you’ll know that the bath and bedtime routine can often be challenging, as everyone descends upon the bathroom to wash themselves, brush their teeth and clean their faces.

However, if you have two sinks, there is much more space for kids to do their teeth and comb their hair, even if you have a number of children!


- Saves time in the morning

You might have good intentions about staggering bathroom use in the morning so not everyone gets ready at the same time, but you know what they say about best laid plans.

One way to cut down the school rush and subsequent arguments is by installing another sink. Your kids, or you and your husband can therefore have your own individual bowl to brush your teeth in, wash your face, and put contact lenses in without getting in other people’s way.


- Individual mirrors

One of the biggest advantages of having separate sinks is also having separate mirrors. Whether you have teenage girls who want to spend ages doing their make-up, teenage boys who take forever doing their hair, or you simply don’t want to share mirror space with your partner, individual mirrors is ideal for breaking up family arguments.


- More hygienic

No matter how often you clean your bathroom sinks, they can quickly become unhygienic. For instance, if someone in the family has a stomach bug or your little one has an accident, these wash bowls are often where contaminated items get a quick rinse before being thrown in the washing machine. As a result, germs can quickly spread on to the surfaces and can infect those who touch it before it can be cleaned.

However, having separate sinks means those who are not poorly can have their own washing space, reducing the chance of them falling ill as well. 

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