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8 Jul 2019

A Guide To Modular Kitchen Design

If you’re thinking that it’s time to redesign your kitchen you might want to look at the options for a modular kitchen in your home.

Architectural Digest recently explained why this kind of kitchen design is such a good idea, regardless of how big your home is or how much room you have for cooking space.

The first thing to understand is what exactly modular kitchen design is. Essentially it’s a way to maximise the space available to you using various storage and organisational systems around the functional elements you need in a kitchen.

Most modern kitchens are modular kitchens because they incorporate different kinds of cupboards and storage spaces around the likes of the fridge, freezer, hob and oven.

When it’s done well, it not only makes your kitchen look great but also means it’s a highly efficient space to cook in.

One of the major bonuses of modular kitchens is that they’re relatively cost effective because they’re mass produced. That means buying new units isn’t as costly as some other options and they tend to be easy to install, especially if your space is relatively standard in its dimensions.

They’re also really easy to maintain and repair, because they can be taken apart completely if needed to allow access to the walls and skirting boards behind them.

There’s also no need to choose a plain white or black option when it comes to modular kitchen features like cupboard doors and work surfaces. There’s huge variety in the finishes, colours and styles of modular kitchens so you’re bound to find something that suits you.

If you spend less buying the kitchen fixtures and fittings, it could leave you with a little more money to splash out on some Italian porcelain kitchen tiles that will give your space a stunning finish.

Although you often buy modular kitchens off the shelf, so to speak, there are opportunities to personalise and customise them. The news provider explained that most modular kitchens can be customised with “minor variations from the original, conventional designs”.

Even though modular kitchens can be affordable, a kitchen redesign is typically quite an expensive project to take on. Business Insider recently offered some advice on how to keep the cost of renovation works in your home down, whether you’re fitting a new kitchen or installing a new bathroom.

For homeowners putting in a new kitchen, one of the top suggestions is to do much of the labour yourself. With modular kitchens this is highly possible, so they’re a good option from that perspective.

Save as many of your appliances as possible and then you’ll only need to find the money to replace the cabinets and doors. 

Architectural Digest also highlighted the flexibility of modular kitchens as one of their main selling points. The publication pointed out that because you can simply change up one element, whether that’s the tiles or the cabinet doors, it’s possible to be continually updating your kitchen if you want to adapt it to your changing needs or just to different tastes.