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12 Nov 2020

Biophilia has been a huge interiors trend for a while now, no doubt driven in large part by the global pandemic and the fact that we’ve all been craving nature while stuck at home for months on end.

This has become especially important for people who have little to no outdoor space to call their own, so indoor gardening has grown in popularity since the start of the year, as people have tried to feel connected to the great outdoors while boosting their mental health and wellbeing at the same time.

One of the best places to keep indoor plants at home is, in fact, the bathroom. This part of the house is well suited to tropical plants because of its high humidity levels, which means you can create some truly stunning looks at home with relative ease, simultaneously leaving yourself with a beautiful at-home spa of tranquility, perfect for escaping the rigours of the day.

You’ll also find it easy to remember to water your plants week in, week out since bathrooms have easy access to taps! So there’s no excuse whatsoever if your foliage doesn’t thrive.

But what plants should you invest in? Of course, it does depend on how much space you have to play around with as to which plants may be best suited to your particular living spaces and you need to consider swings in temperature, high humidity levels and low light when making your decisions.

If you’re a novice gardener and want something difficult to kill, perhaps start off with something like aspidistra, also known as the cast iron plant because it is so very tricky to kill it. It’s a tropical plant that can grow up to three feet tall, so make sure you have room to accommodate it.

Ferns are also an obvious (and beautiful) choice for bathrooms and you can even grow some of them in the shower stall itself, so perfect if you want to absolutely cover this part of the house in greenery. Great options include the bird’s nest fern, button fern, Boston fern and maidenhair fern.

Something like a pothos would also be a lovely choice, a beautiful trailing plant that can grow up to 20m in length!

They’re also fans of moderate to low indirect light, so good for bathrooms with small windows (or none at all) and they don’t need much watering, so if you forget from time to time it won’t matter a jot. They grow quickly, as well, so you could have 20m before you know it.

Another very interesting option is air plants, which don’t grow in soil. Also known as tillandsias, these plants are epiphytes, which mean that they grow on other plants and don’t need to be rooted in the ground. They get their nutrition by absorbing nutrients from water - so they’re ideal for biophilic bathroom design.

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