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7 Jul 2020

6 Ways COVID-19 Will Change Kitchen Design

Without a doubt, all our futures will be different in a post-coronavirus reality. Whether it’s how and where we work, how we travel and commute, and even how we socialise (distant) with others,

It is, of course, going to change how we live as we will certainly be considering the risk of future pandemics when we are planning any home renovations. One room that will certainly see more change in the future will be the kitchen. We have a look at the kitchen of the very near future in our ‘new reality’.


1. Easy-to-Clean Kitchens

Kitchens will be designed with cleanability in mind. Cabinets, taps, tiles and fixtures will be priorities to be low maintenance, and there will be much more use of materials that are nonporous and possibly even antimicrobial. Appliances coated in smudge-resistant stainless steel will become more popular, as will countertops that are scratch- and stain-resistant.


2. More Refrigerator and Freezer Capacity

The ability to store more food at home instead of more trips to the supermarket will mean the storage capacity of refrigerators and freezers will play a much larger part in the kitchens of the future. Fridges are essential for the short-term storage of fresh foods and leftovers, as are freezers for long-term storage.


3. Cabinet Space, Pantry, and Dry Food Storage

If there’s one lesson we’ve learned from the lockdown, it’s that keeping an organised pantry is key for easier home-cooked meals. Dry goods such as rice, beans, grains, and oats are a low-cost way to feed your family.


4. Smart Appliances and Home Technology

Smart appliances will help consumers troubleshoot any service problems, as well as being much more efficient, help to reduce food waste, and help explore new healthy recipes. Smart dishwashers, washers and dryers will be designed to be self-sanitising and safer for your family, as well as reducing the amount of water needed during operation.


5. Focus on Outdoor Living, Self-Sufficient Gardening

The panic buying at the start of the pandemic has shown that our food supply chains can be fragile, and our food supply can be limited. Many people have already started growing their own vegetable gardens, a superb way to save money and grow your own produce.


6. DIY Kitchen Remodelling Projects

The DIY renovations that many people undertook during the lockdown has shown how simply our houses can be refreshed without needing to rip everything out and start again. Decorating and refreshing your kitchen will extend its life by years, saving money and the need to completely remodel. Even just a new coat of paint on the walls can drastically change the room.

The essential factor in any new kitchens will be the ease in which it can be cleaned and sanitised, as no one wants to have to spend endless hours scrubbing and disinfecting. Tiling is an ideal material for kitchen walls and flooring due to how easily it can be wiped clean.

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